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TWiP 351 – Stock! In the Name of Love

This week on TWiP, Getty Images makes much of it’s portfolio free to use, a photographer makes $15K in one day on Instagram, iStock photo introduces a subscription model, & 500px Prime goes live. Plus an Interview with Sports Illustrated photographer Peter Read Miller.

TWiP 350 – Ellen’s Oscar Selfie

Valérie Jardin takes over the hosting duties this week to discuss Ellen’s infamous Oscar selfie, a photog leaves $7000 worth of gear on a train – and gets it all back. Plus a special interview with Flixel Chief Marketing Officer – Mark Homza.

The Nikon Df: All About the Gear

The Nikon DF (for “Digital fusion”) is at first glance the technology of a Nikon D4 sensor (at half the price of a D4) in a D600-class body that touts compatibility with classic Nikkor lenses. But that’s just the full half of the glass.

TWiP 349 – Nikon Introduces a New Flagship DSLR

This week on TWiP – Nikon announces the D4s, Canon reportedly pulling out of the cheap P&S market, and are there problems at PocketWizard? Plus an Interview with landscape and nature photographer Juan Pons!

TWiP 348 – What’s in a (Domain) Name?

This week on TWiP – new domain names for .photography & .camera now available, the Color Run sues a photographer for demanding payment for widely distributed photo, and a photographer offers to buy good images to pad his portfolio. Plus Sue Bryce loses her Facebook page due to hackers and an interview with YouTube star – Blunty!

TWiP Interviews: Peter Hurley

Portrait and headshot master Peter Hurley joins me in this interview to discuss the humble beginnings of his career and how he’s managed to skyrocket to becoming one of the most sought-after photographers in New York City and Los Angeles.

Olympus OM-D E-M1: All About the Gear

Olympus claims the OM-D E-M1 has the fastest autofocus of any camera, but is that really true? The E-M1 also has a new 16MP sensor, but does it deliver better images than the popular OM-D E-M5, which now sells for almost half the price?

TWiP 347 – Nikon, Panasonic, Pentax, & Sony

On this weeks’ show – new hardware announcements from Nikon, Sony, Pentax, and Panasonic. Adobe’s Principal Product Manager John Nack joins Google’s digital photography team, layoffs and restructuring at Sony, & an interview with the master of the headshot – Peter Hurley.

TWiP 346 – Punishing a Pixel Pusher

A Pulitzer Prize-winning Associated Press photographer is fired for cloning. The JPEG Standard goes lossless. Hasselblad announces a twelve thousand dollar DSLR. Plus an interview with photographers Jay and Varina Patel, Brent Mail and Johny Spencer.

TWiP 345: An Interview with Bryan Caporicci

This week on TWiP, Frederick chats with photographer and entrepreneur Bryan Caporicci. The two talk photographing with a purpose, the mirrorless revolution, printing, pricing, boudoir and lots more.

The Sony A7: All About the Gear

The long-anticipated Sony a7 and a7R have been called the cameras of the year by some. Doug was an early fanboy, but does the a7 live up to the hype and his expectations?

TWiP 344 – The Return of Syl Arena

Adobe adds new features to Photoshop CC. Is the Japanese camera market in jeopardy? Switching brand allegiances. Plus an interview with Scott Braut and Keren Sachs of Shutterstock.com.

TWiP 343 – Image Rights and Wrongs

Google presents rights-filtered image search options, Joe McNally’s 2014 begins with a $1.32 royalty check, Instant plagiarized portfolio sites. Also listener questions, picks of the week and an interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Brian Smith.

TWiP 342 – How Very Selfie of You

CES gear announcements from Fuji, Canon, Nikon and Sony. The rise and fall of the selfie and an interview with commercial and fine-art photographer Bob Coates.

Happy Holidays from TWiP!

We here at TWiP would like wish you and your family a happy, safe and pixel perfect holiday season. Here’s a quick happy holidays video!

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