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Pro Video with Mike DesRoches

Sony’s Mike DesRoches takes a few moments at NAB 2014 to discuss some of the professional video options available for still photographers looking to up their game into pro video.

Building a Content Empire

The mastermind behind LearningDSLRVideo.com sits down with me to discuss how he grew his site from a “stay at home Dad” hobby, into a powerful revenue generating content machine.

TWiP 355 – Lightroom Goes Mobile

Lightroom goes mobile, Sony reveals the A7s, and is Canon charging customers to fix known issues with some of their cameras and lenses? Valerie Jardin takes over the hosting duties this week and is joined by Martin Bailey and Jeffrey Totaro to discuss these topics and more.

The Sony Ecosystem

Sony Marketing Manager Peter Crithary and Mark Weir, Senior Technical Manager join me to discuss the Sony professional line of video cameras as well as the consumer line-up.

Jeff Berlin on Cinephotography

Sony Artisan of Imagery Jeff Berlin discusses his process, the convergence of his still photographic and motion worlds into what he calls “cinephotography”.

Sony Reveals the A7s!

Sony reveals the newest addition to its A7 line of full-frame mirrorless cameras—the A7S! And this one adds 4K to the mix.

TWiP 354 – Punishing Negative Reviewers

Photographers suing clients for posting bad reviews, taking photographs in Hungary without permission is now illegal, and a photographer wins $1.2M in a settlement over photographs taken from social media. Plus an interview with Amanda Eddy of PhotoDex, makers of Proshow.

TWiP 353 – LIVE with Panasonic at WPPI

This episode of TWiP was recorded live in the Panasonic booth at WPPI. Featuring Giulio Sciorio, William Innes & Kristen Jensen discussing 4K video and some of the latest Lumix hardware from Panasonic. Plus, an interview with travel photographer Ralph Velasco.

Frederick in Paris

I’ve been looking for a reason to go hang out in Paris for some time now, so when Valérie Jardin suggested I tag along at her June street photography workshop, I immediately said “um, yes!”.

TWiP 352 – The Jedi Mind-Trick

This week on TWiP, Nikon announces the Nikon 1 V3, Instagram & product placement, drone pilots flying high again, and Calumet closes it’s doors after 75 years in business. Plus an interview with photographer and educator Rob Knight.

The Lytro Camera: All About the Gear

The Lytro is the first commercially available light-field camera. There’s been a lot of buzz (and even controversy) surrounding this revolutionary focus-later device, but it’s not clear whether this is an important development or just a gimmick.

TWiP 351 – Stock! In the Name of Love

This week on TWiP, Getty Images makes much of it’s portfolio free to use, a photographer makes $15K in one day on Instagram, iStock photo introduces a subscription model, & 500px Prime goes live. Plus an Interview with Sports Illustrated photographer Peter Read Miller.

TWiP 350 – Ellen’s Oscar Selfie

Valérie Jardin takes over the hosting duties this week to discuss Ellen’s infamous Oscar selfie, a photog leaves $7000 worth of gear on a train – and gets it all back. Plus a special interview with Flixel Chief Marketing Officer – Mark Homza.

The Nikon Df: All About the Gear

The Nikon DF (for “Digital fusion”) is at first glance the technology of a Nikon D4 sensor (at half the price of a D4) in a D600-class body that touts compatibility with classic Nikkor lenses. But that’s just the full half of the glass.

TWiP 349 – Nikon Introduces a New Flagship DSLR

This week on TWiP – Nikon announces the D4s, Canon reportedly pulling out of the cheap P&S market, and are there problems at PocketWizard? Plus an Interview with landscape and nature photographer Juan Pons!

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